2 point perspective

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  • How does one achive 2 point perspective with Enscape, I have tried enabling in in Enscape general setting but it does not work, I tried setting it in Sketchup and it fails miserably. Is there a trick I am missing?

  • the architectural 2 point option is not working for you? Works perfect for me!

    I'm assuming you use Enscape navigation and not SU scenes, I can get 2 point if I do not sync with SU scenes, but that defeats the point as I have very specific scenes already set up in SU as I need to do overlays in PS, so it's imperative Enscape scenes match SU 100%.

  • Hi , it should match if the size/format of the Enscape window is identical to the one of SU.

  • Yeah that's true, my comment was maybe a little bit short.

    In General the views of Enscape and SU should match to 100% if the window size is identical and you activated option "Synchronize views"

    =>So if you activate two point perspective in SU it should be displayed in Enscape as well.


    I assumed syncing SU to Enscape would achieve that. I mean, they look like they have the same fov.


    So did I, however as you can see from the image above it does not work, for some reason if you use 2PP in SU and sync the scene you get the above result. In SU one can set the FOV but not in Enscape. Like I have mentioned before, the only way Enscape can achieve a 2PP is if you disable 'synchronize views' and then check 'Architectural two-point Perspective' in the General settings.

  • Solo Please check my test. Same window size, active two point perspective and it matches. The Field of View setting is fixed if you activate synchronize views.

    Could you please share your project with me so that I can test the behavior?

  • Hi @all

    I did some more testing & research myself. Here is what I found about shortcomings in the camera synchronization. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

    1. When navigating in SketchUp without Two-Point Perspective, Enscape displays the same region, with correct eye, direction and horizontal field of view. The aspect ratio of the viewport is not synchronized, therefore Enscape often has too much or too less image in the top and bottom regions.
    2. When enabling Two-Point Perspective in SketchUp, Enscape behaves very similar to point 1). No complaints except the unsynchronized height.
    3. When panning & zooming in Two-Point Perspective in SketchUp, Enscape does not pick up the changes. Therefore the perspective is correct, but the borders of the image might be completely wrong. If you think you have this problem you can check in the Ruby Console. "Sketchup.active_model.active_view.camera.center_2d" has a non-zero value and/or "Sketchup.active_model.active_view.camera.scale_2d" has a non-one value.
    4. When setting an explicit aspect ratio (possible through various other extensions), the behaviour is likely not what one expects. If you have black bars left/right, Enscape nonetheless displays the width of the whole viewport (including the black bars). If you have black bars top/bottom, Enscape displays an incorrect field of view.
    5. When rotating in SketchUp until the up-vector points down, the camera in Enscape does not follow this movement, the up-vector points up.

    Now to the interesting part. How important is it for you to have these shortcomings fixed? What are your use cases?

    1. Do you need any of these things fixed for things other than manual post-processing & combining with other imagery? What are you aiming for with the post-processing?
    2. When synchronizing the aspect ratio, do you need it to a) always be in sync, b) be in sync if some checkbox is enabled or c) sync explicitly when pressing a button?
    3. When synchronizing the aspect ratio, do you need it to have the aspect ratio of the viewport (including black borders) or the camera (without the black borders) or do you need it to be selectable?
    4. When synchronizing the aspect ratio, do you want it to automatically apply to screenshots & videos as well?
    5. How important is it for you to pan & scale in SketchUp Two-Point Perspective and have Enscape show the same image?
    6. How important is it for you to look at your model upside-down?

    Sorry for this rather long post, but I want to be sure, I understand your wishes and problems.

  • allright ! it's work fine, first step synchronise your view with Enscape, second choose your angle, and three in SU choose perspective 2 point and don't move in viewport.

    I am having the exact same concern/issue as solo is, so maybe i can help add to this conversation. You are correct, in that the sync view following SU's 2-Point Perspective does work, with one caveat, which you have stated; You can not re-frame SU once 2-point is activated. This issue is a very specific one, but would be helpful for "fixing" it, for as solo stated, doing post-process work in PS where I can use SU exports overlay-ed with Enscape images currently is not possible.

    The reason is that when i set SU's 2-Point Perspective it generally puts the horizon line directly in the middle of the screen. This typically is too high and adds way to much ground in my image. I typically then pan the image down to create a better crop, placing the horizon about 1/3 up from the bottom. It is THIS adjustment that is necessary for a well framed image, but in doing so, it does not translate properly into Enscape. In testing things out, what it really comes down to is that it seems as if Enscape simply doesn't recognize or see SU's "Pan" command.

    Im attaching some images that hopefully show what i am trying to share. The first set is of SU and Enscape using 2-Point and sync without any pan adjustments. Then the same scene with a pan adjustment in SU and enscapes version of that same scene, which not longer matches 1:1.

  • mattw0711 In the 2 point perspective the view angle has to be absolute horizontal. If you select a horizontal point of view you should be able to export matching screenshots.

  • mattw0711 In the 2 point perspective the view angle has to be absolute horizontal. If you select a horizontal point of view you should be able to export matching screenshots.

    I appreciate what you are saying, but do not follow. What i am saying is that in SU, the moment you hit the 2-Point option, no matter what, the horizon will occur at the center of the image. Most times, this "framing" is not adequate for a visually appealing image, and therefor I use the pan command in SU to hold the exact view i want, but it slides the horizon down to be at about 1/3 from the bottom; this is when Enscape stops tracking. To try and show this scenario, I did a screen capture and uploaded to YouTube to show what i am talking about.

    If i am doing it wrong, certainly would love some feedback.

    YouTube Link