2 point perspective

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  • mattw0711 The behaviour you described in detail is the shortcoming of Enscape which I described in 3. and i'm pretty sure that's the problem of the other thread participants.

    The problem is fully understood by us, but unforfunately there is a lot of work needed on our side to fix it - in a critical part of the renderer that is likely to cause trouble for everyone else. Until now no one wanted to pan/zoom in a way SketchUp does with 2-point perspective enabled - how would it work in a walkthrough anyway?

    So it comes down to: You guys are requesting a feature only needed for post-production, am I seeing this correct? Unfortunately post-production is not a workflow we support very well. Instead we strive to produce good images without the need for post-production.

    Would it help you to navigate in Enscape using 2-point perspective and then being able to create a scene in SketchUp with that exact camera position? (Similar to the Revit plugin functionality.) So you end up with a SketchUp image and an Enscape image you can combine. (I'm blindly assuming that the API allows the creation of such a camera, but I would need to check this.) This would be a much smaller and risk-free change for us.

  • I completely understand where you are coming from, and appreciate the time and effort you and the team have put in to discuss the request. In all honestly, the Post production workflow that i would use this for is only a very small part of what i do, and have other means in which to do it; specifically, its when i want to us a rendered image that i can then manipulate into creating something that is more NPR, but having that solid rendered base in which to start from. I can then use various, but specific, SketchUp exports (creating material maps, shade/shadow maps, line exports, etc.) that I use to composite over the rendered image. Here is an image of what i am talking about.

    With that said, MOST of the time, when I use Enscape, it is for producing an image with no post production, but always like to have alternate ways of doing something, depending on the project.

    As for your question, if I am reading it correctly, if we can make a view in Enscape, and then relay that exact camera position and FOV and such into SU, then yes, the process would work fine. But for me at least, this is not an everyday need by any means, just a good option to have available.

    Thanks again!

  • When I turn on 2pt camera in SU and then use the pan tool to get my shot the way I want it, Enscape recognized the 2pt setting but not the panning. It would be ideal to have it match SU exactly, and I would even love a way to make the Enscape window match and lock the proportion of my SU window.

    I even suggested on the development board that we have the Enscape window replace the SU viewport, similar to how Thea does with it's engine.

  • I agree with the option to have the aspect ratio match that of the sketchup view. that would indeed be useful! But i would very much be opposed to having it take over the SU viewport completely! having both views open simultaniously is a must in my daily work... like moving proxies/objects around in SU and seen their actual placement live in Enscape.

  • VStudio  Herbo I moved your posts into this thread as this topic is already discussed.

  • You find it at the capture tab. It is an explicit setting to lock the aspect ratio.

    Thanks for the response - I might be missing something or are you referring to the "use view port aspect ratio" option? In testing that option does not fix the 2 point perspective alignment issue for me.

    I would add that I appreciate the comment about enscape not being geared towards post processing work flows. However its potentially a great tool for those applications as well. we are already using it as such quite a bit as I imagine others are as well.

  • Hi,

    I have the student version for sketchup, I also have the issue with keeping the aspect ratio at 4k (or anything above the "Window" resolution option) and there is no checkbox to "use the viewport aspect ratio". I carefully set up Views in sketchup so it is very important to me that they say the same. Is the option cut from the student license or am I missing something?



  • zkile Panning and zooming in two point perspective is still not supported in V2.3 but on our agenda.

  • Okay. I have a solution that works for me. With it I can achieve the 2PP match.

    For me, the Enscape settings box for 2pp could not be checked. At all. So i did some experimenting. Here's my solution (which maybe others have already discovered a long time ago, but it's certainly not intuitive or apparent to me):

    1. Do NOT engage Enscape sync just yet.

    2. In SU establish your shot w/out 2PP

    3. in Enscape, enable 2PP

    4. Back in SU, enable 2PP

    5. THEN sync.

    To match the output sizes I get the SU and Enscape output sizes close. In Enscape you can choose the aspect ratio to sync as SCREEN. I open the smaller of the two in PS. Then I 'place embedded' the larger render in and it comes in exactly in the right spot (less the top and bottom difference that occurs from the difference in size).

    You can also start with the larger, place the larger, and scale it. Boom!

  • troyhome This will not work if You Zoom or Pan in s-Ketchup after Point-4. And it probably never will.. The reason is That as it is possible inside of s-Ketchup the API doesn't support it.. There is no way for an external Plugin to know what the current values of Zoom and Pan in 2PP are, neither to set them up.. So until s-Ketchup will add it to API there is nothing ENS people can do.

    My way is to:

    1 capture the view in Enscape in 2PP - You will get perspective view in Sketchup but it will allow You to come back to exactly the same 2PP in ENS

    --!!!-- Remember the FOV which You have in ENS (it is Exactly the same like zoom in 2PP in s-ketchup)

    2 Export an image from enscape with capture size of sketchup window size.. or same ratio (it is not necessary with the ratio but what for extra space which you will cut of in photoshop..)

    3 use image to create a new style in sketchup withoverlay image on 50% (or so)

    4 go to 2PP in sketchup in the sceen which You added.. You will get view wheech is aligned with this in ENS but panned and zoomed differently.. Use style with overlayed image to align it..

    5 add a second sceen in s-Ketchup..

    6 use first sceen to get view in ENS .. second to get view in sketchup.. (for exporting lines or layers or something) ( !!! remember to use correct FOV in ENS)

    There will be slight (or more) misalignment but acceptable in my experience if You dont go to to wild ratio (more than 9/16) and to wild FOV in ENS (more than 90).