Server always Busy

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  • my asset library always show up this window after putting an asset, i try keep pressing retry until thousand times and several minutes...

    after that it's no problem, why this always happen since asset become web based ?

    but my internet connection have no problem at all...this asset keep telling server is busy, why ?

  • Hi mm3d.arsitektur and thank you for your feedback!

    I'm sorry to hear that you're having issues with the Asset Library. Could you please tell me what version of Enscape you are currently using? During the placement of an Asset no call to our servers should happen - all the necessary information has already been downloaded...

    Could you please send us a feedback detailing the behaviour and sending the log files, if this happens with the newest release version?

  • We really need an option to download all the assets onto a machine (either when it installs, or a button click that let's you do so later). We collaborate with large teams and when someone works on a model and prepares it for a presentation, another person will open it while traveling internationally and not be able to open Enscape because of this error:

    'This action cannot be completed because the other program is busy. Choose 'Switch To' to activate the busy program and correct the problem.'

    I believe this is because the assets are facing latency issues from slow/aging internet infrastructure while traveling outside of the office?

  • I agree with Orozco. There should be the possibility to download all the assets onto a device because indeed, there are issues when two persons are working on the same project. Because of the same reason, I chose to get a dedicated server usa and get the entire server with a better CPU, RAM, and disk space. I'm having a website with huge web traffic and getting a dedicated server made more sense for me, but this is not the only reason. Either way, I think that an always busy server is not a great experience for users, so this aspect requires improvements.

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    Thank you - I'll forward your further feedback accordingly.