Create View Issue V2.5

  • Sketchup 2018

    Enscape 2.5.1

    Although it didn't seem to be a problem when 2.5 was first installed, new views using "Create View" are not saving. After creating the view from within the Enscape window, then selecting from "Manage Views" the view will revert back to whatever my Sketchup view is. This is despite having "Synchronize Views" OFF. I understand there are some issues between Sketchup and Enscape views when you pan/zoom in sketchup after placing the camera, and Enscape is unable to track those movements, but this is a different issue altogether.

  • Hey WRKAP , thanks a lot for your post and welcome to our forum. :)

    I'm not able reproduce any issues regarding this subject yet I'm afraid. Could you further elaborate on what you mean with "the view will revert back to whatever my SketchUp view is" - when you create a new view through the Enscape toolbar/context menu, it should also create a new view accordingly, not replace an existing one.

    In that case, is there any chance you could send me a short video in which you show briefly show this problem? That would be extremely helpful.

  • I'm not sure how to record a video at the moment, but I can try and clarify. I understand that Enscape doesn't save views that have been panned or zoomed in sketchup after setting a camera location (although I really wish it would). What has surprised me is that if I turn off the synchronize view and move the camera around in Enscape it will not save the view if I'm in 2 point perspective and use the look around or obit to look up. If I try and save the view, the next time I go back to the view it sets the camera as if looking straight at the object. The problem I'm running into is getting a view of a taller building from closer up. If you just look straight it's impossible to capture the whole thing without severe field of view adjustments or standing VERY far back.


  • Thanks so much for the explanation WRKAP . I'll try to reproduce the first issue accordingly and get back to you again as soon as possible with a solution or news. In the meantime, could you also send in a feedback report as described here? Please also add your forum name in the submission form so we can easily identify that it's coming from you.

    Regarding the second problem, could you please have a brief look at this thread to see if that is what you're experiencing? If so, then this is a known issue which will be resolved soon. The current workaround is to turn off two-point perspective a moment to save the view and then activate it afterwards.

    Thanks a lot again in advance! :)

  • was there a resolution to this issues? I am having exactly the same problem with the newest release. To elaborate a little further the encscape menu - save view feature used to save the view that was set up in the enscape window. Now it is saving whatever view is set up in the sketchup window instead.