Feature Request - Albedo edits - Sync off

  • Sometimes you have a material in SketchUp and in the model I want that glass to be a light blue color but when I render or when I am using Enscape, I want that material's albedo to be overridden with a very dark gray, maybe even black sometimes.

    It would be nice if we could tick off a button to turn off material syncing, that way when I make an edit to the albedo in Enscape, it doesn't change my material properties in SketchUp. It's not something I would do all the time, but having the option is nice.

  • VStudio , thanks a lot for your inquiry. I'll gladly file this as a feature request accordingly. If there is anything else you want to add the request, please kindly let me know! :)

    Just to make sure you're aware, you know that turning off "Live Updates" via the Enscape toolbar/context menu also disables material synchronization already?