Assets look bad in Revit because of Edges

  • An issue with using your existing assets are Edges

    this how your assets looks in Revit..

    I cant use this..

    This is how it looks after i deal with it

    I use a workaround to get to this but would be nice to have them looking better out of the box

  • Michael Ruehr , sorry to hear about that.

    Could you kindly re-upload the second image again which you posted after "This is how it looks after i deal with it"? It seems to be not available anymore.

    Furthermore, we generally plan to improve the appearance of the Assets regarding how they're being displayed in Revit, so after you uploaded the image again, I'll also gladly forward it to our developers as feedback!

  • Michael Ruehr , thanks a lot.

    Could you briefly elaborate on the steps you're taking when it comes to the conversion process? :)

    Afterward I'll forward your feedback to our developers as mentioned, so thank you very much!

  • Hi Demian Pieter

    Its an older trick out of my 3DS Max Days in short.

    Happy to provide more detailed info later.

    Import mesh/polygon/subdivision into 3DS Max

    Select the object

    Select “Edit Mesh“ or add an Modifier

    Selection” group, pick the “Edge” icon to select edge subobjects

    Select all the edges

    “Surface Properties -> Select “Invisible”

    Select a few edges on the bottom of the object -> Select “Visible”

    “Export” -> “Export Selected”

    Save as type:” => “AutoCAD (*.DXF)

    In the “Export to AutoCAD File” dialog change “Export Version” => “AutoCAD 2007 DXF” or “AutoCAD 2004 DXF”. Click “OK”

    Open the exported DXF file in AutoCAD

    only the edges that you left visible will be visible.

    Make New Layer

    Select the object -> using the layer pull down, change the object layer to the new layer

    Verify that under the properties group on the Ribbon, the object color, line weight and linetype are all set to “By Layer”

    Save (either as a DXF or DWG)

    In Revit

    In the family -> “Insert” tab -> “ “Import CAD”

    The mesh object will come in as an outline, with only the edges you left visible still there.

    DXF /Dwg meshes cannot have more than ~30000 faces so for a cars you need to clean up interior and you have to break it up

    People Meshes are easy to fix. Car Meshes need a bid of work to selectively make the right edges visible

    the main advantage is that you have 3D silhouette and not 2D that disappears when not the view is perpendicular

    more detailed info here