Export Executable Standalone File to Web-Standalone without Revit

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    Hey MatthiasF , I'm afraid this is not possible. I can gladly file it as a feature request if you like, but this won't be something which will be implemented any time soon probably. Could you let me know what your use-case would be for this? :)

  • Hi Demian,

    thanks for your feedback.

    From a planner I got the Executable Standalone (180 MB) via Dropbox. Now I wanted to send the planning to an employee quickly via a link. The file was too large to sent by mail - the file was also no longer in Dropbox. So I wanted to export a web standalone from the executable standalone to send the link in a fast and efficient way.


  • I could also see this being useful when you have multiple design iterations and the current model no longer reflects a design that was 3 months ago. We already archive executable standalone files every time the design changes or we have client meetings. It's nice to go back if the client ever wants to look at the previous design. While we also archive our 3D models, we don't do it as often as the Enscape standalone files. If we forget to export the web standalone model, it would be nice to have the ability to do this from a executable standalone file.