material s feature

  • hi

    i am thinking about check box in material s slot to not recieve sun and sky ilumination

    but it can cast shadows or maybe not /another check box maybe ?/ why i am asking for ?

    for example there is a situation when i got perfect texture which is good lit and dont want another lightning deformation

    from the sun and sky light

    for example surrouding maps / cilinder object with trees textures / example how i dont want it :

    lets say immune for sun and sky light .

  • Your best bet for this is to use a light source and illuminate the image- although it needs to be turned up quite high to over-write the illumination from the sun/sky.

    (Personally I would say that it's quicker and you will get a better result by simply adding some actual landscape in using a contoured grass plane the Enscape library of trees)

  • again

    i dont want another ilumination of that object by any lights

    i need it like it is ,only self ilumination is required there because i need that surrounding to be in line with sky luminace and background /forest enscape background/

  • Enscape expects the textures to be unlit. Having materials that skip the entire lighting pipeline while ensuring that their texture color appears on the screen independant from different exposure settings etc is unlikely to happen.