Enscape Bricking Laptop

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  • Hello everyone,

    I have been using Enscape for both sketch up and revit on my work tower computer for about 5 months with no issues. We recently acquired a new laptop and Oculus for VR client presentations. The problem is when we launch Enscape from sketch up, it completes freezes the computer and requires a hard reset. Making a VR executable from my tower then bringing it to the laptop is fine, but it will not load natively. This is a huge pain as it basically requires 2 computers to get the result we want. The laptop is a gaming rig with a GTX 1060, so there should be no issues.

    Thank you!

    • Official Post

    Hey elysse77 , to get behind this issue, would you kindly briefly send in a feedback report as described here? This way we'll receive more information about your machine, and log files which should tell us why you experience these problems!

    In the meantime:

    - Could you kindly make sure your graphics card drivers are up to date? You can download a new driver from the Nvidia homepage

    - If you're using high-res textures above 4k, does reducing them before starting Enscape help? We now support 8k textures, before that it was 4k only, so you may run into out-of-memory VRAM problems.

    In any case, we'll receive what we need to know with the feedback. :) Thanks!

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    Is there a limit to size of HDRI also? do huge HDRI backgrounds also effect Enscape?

    Yes. The size limit is 12k in total, but even if you import a 8k skybox/background the performance gain should be neglectable. Especially if you have a mid-tier, higher end graphics card.