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  • The amimation and physics and rendering tools tools in C4D and MAX are miles ahead of anything in Sketchup, but Sketchup is easier to model in.

    I was a long time MAx/C4D user and did everything from Architectural renderings to full character animations for the oil industry.

    Scenery and props were modelled in sketchup, characters and their animations were done in poser, combined in C4D for animating props, set and texturing then sent to the render farm for final output.

    If there was a C4D plugin it would have negated the use of a 110 core in house render farm.

    There are several real time rendering plugins for C4D and MAX (Octane, Vray, U render, Arnold, Furryball) but Enscape would be a great addition.

  • Thanks a lot for all the feedback. Cinema 4D integration has already been requested before - I'll happily add further up-votes to the feature request on our agenda and add your feedback. :)


    Please be so very kind as to write in English next time, even if you're just using Google Translate for example. Thanks!

    Also, I take it you want to have Cinema 4D support implemented as well? I'll add your vote to the topic accordingly. ;)

  • Hello, I am also interested in the dev of a plugins for C4D because at the moment, it is difficult as a 3D animator to integrate enscape in the workflow since one has to export in another software to be able to use enscape. Or a standalone version that would allow the import of fbx or obj

  • Cinema4D support is on our agenda, filed as a feature request without about 10 upvotes so far - in this case it might still take a while I'm afraid until this will be implemented probably. But, I of course see the reason why Enscape would also be a great tool for Cinema4D.. still, maybe you wanna actually try importing your Cinema4D exports into SketchUp free for example, to then make use of our rendering engine. :)

    I'll upvote both the Cinema4D topic and the topic to regarding the ability to import your own models into the Asset Library - chances of a dedicated standalone version of Enscape are very slim though at the moment.

  • Hi! I'd like to upvote the Cinema-Integration, too.
    And I think if you guys would promote your engine in the big C4D forums and user groups, too – I think that could create a massive demand.
    Maybe moste C4D Users just does not know that something like Enscape exists?

  • Elastique. , welcome to our forum, your upvote has been added to the feature request. :) I'm pretty sure that most Cinema 4D users are not aware that Enscape exists, but, some also wouldn't require it in their current workflow; still, you may very well be right about the demand - we can think about some kind of promotion in the future, especially if Cinema 4D support gains even more traction. This way we can make these users aware that we have something which they may very well incorporate in their work. Right now, support for the software solution 3DS Max for example is quite a bit more demanded though.

  • hello

    I'm also interested in the c4d plugin

    I work in architecture

    Welcome to our forum and thanks for your feedback! Your upvote has been forwarded.

  • +1

    win 10 | 3080ti | intel 12900k | 64 gig ram | asus mainboard | ssd 980 pro | valve index | dual asus proart 4k monitor

    drawing stuff with vectorworks, modelling stuff with sketchup, rendering inside blender/cinema4d with corona render

    & ofc using enscape and lately d5 and also a little ue5 :)

    best of all > experiencing stuff in VR with enscape !!

  • As a very long time c4d archviz artist, I am very interested on enscape for cinema 4d. I see the results and the incredible rendering speed for animations. Its just amazing. This thread is opened a long time ago. Are there any news about a cinema 4d version?

    Is there something in development? Nothing?

    The cinema 4d user community is very huge and are interested on this software. I am sure a lot of people are looking into this thread and thinking the same. I have registrated just to vote.

    Take my upvote, please !

  • Thanks a lot for the further upvotes and feedback - there are currently no plans regarding C4D implementations but we're aware of the demand for this support. Should there be any changes to this topic in the future I'll let you know for sure!