VR controller and laser NOT visible...

  • When I activate VR in Enscape, I ALWAYS end up miles from the model, which is tiny on the edge of the VR sphere.

    Transporter does not work, I do not see any target point, or laser beam.

    So I have to slowly navigate toward the model, but I figure I can just select a favored camera, on my desktop, not VR, and finally get into my model.

    Even then, I do not see the controllers, just the left controller menu bar.

    It is unclear how am I supposed to select and click on buttons because I do not see any laser from the right controller...

    Any help? Does this happens to anyone else?

    I know where the VR instructions pages are, I need help with the specific problems described above.

    thank you!


  • gsucci , I'm sorry to hear about that - in the first instance, could you kindly let me know which VR headset you're using Enscape with?

    Further, could you also kindly follow through the short list below in order to troubleshoot/solve the cause behind this issue:

    - Are you running our latest release? If you're not sure, kindly check how to upgrade Enscape here.

    - Do the controllers work just fine in other VR applications? If not, could you kindly replace the controller batteries?

    - If the controllers do work fine anywhere else, can you move the menu around with your left hand at least?

    - Depending on which VR headset you're using, could you make sure that everything is up to date:

    -- Oculus Rift: Make sure that the latest Oculus runtime has been installed

    -- WMR / HTC Vive: Make sure that SteamVR is up to date and running

    If all of that doesn't help, kindly send in some feedback report as described here and add your forum name or some other reference so that we can connect it to this thread. Thanks! :)