SpaceNavigator funkiness

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    I'd really like to get my SpaceNavigator working for presenting to clients. I checked this forum and the knowledge base and couldn't find anything. Revit has two SpaceNavigator modes - one for 2D Views and another for 3D views. When I switch to a 3D camera view in Enscape it seems to get confused about which mode SpaceNavigator is in and sometimes just completely stops working. I wonder if it's driver issues, however, the 3D mouse seems to always work on Revit... Is there a specific sequence when switching to Enscape to get SpaceNavigator to function properly on a consistent basis?


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    Hello angelo_arch and scottofazphx,

    Thank you for the report.
    The issue has been fixed in
    Just download the current alpha release.

    Should you experience any problems, please keep us updated.