Washed Out Lighting in Enscape 2.0

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  • Hi all,

    Since upgrading to Version 2.0 I've experienced a fault with the light material rendering; while using the previous version; we had developed several lightboxes of various colours and lightboxes with decals applied for backlit effects in Revit; these were all working correctly.

    Since the upgrade, the light settings seemed to have changed in Enscape resulting in a complete wash out of all detail; the coloured illumination now shows as almost exclusively white and the decals now become invisible during night time environment.

    Has anyone any idea of workarounds to fix this?

    Just to note; all materials are showing correctly in the day time; all colours and decals are shown correctly. The issue is definitely with enscape lighting.


  • HI BRav243 thank you for your feedback. This is a known issue and the fix should be included in our soon released official hotfix.