Living Room Test

  • Hi

    Recently I've been running a few tests with Enscape 2.5 to push the realism as far as possible.

    This is my first attempt and i welcome feedback. The project will be part of a cinematic animation once complete hence the desire for it to be as realistic as possible through Enscape.

    Any tips on improvements?

  • Personally I would say that it's pretty much spot on, but iIf you are aiming for "realistic perfection" then you could do a couple of minor tweaks:

    - add a skirting board to the room,

    - pull the polished wood unit about 10mm away from the wall so that there is a gap behind it,

    - add a 1-2mm smooth bevel to the edge of the furniture and glass shelf,

    - clear glass does not show in reflections: change the material that holds the incense sticks,

    - consider changing the edge material on the picture frame so that it's not "projected" (shows streaks).

    - make the TV image emissive so that it shows a little bit of shine from it reflecting off the shelf it's sitting on.

  • Thanks a lot for your feedback i’ll give these a try