Can´t activate student license

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    I have a problem with activation of student license on another computer. I have and desktop and notebook and i was switching license between them for year, butt now the license work only on notebook. two weeks ago i reinstalled my computer with license on it so i could not use it on any computer. So i wrote on support do disable my license but it only solved problem on notebook my computer is still getting error massage _ New license status = 4_ Your license code is invalid. i tried to reinstall enscape but that did not work.

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    I'm sorry to hear about this issue!

    So far, every time this error code was shown, the user just did not copy all of the license key, or he probably copied too much.

    Could you please try to reenter the license key? Please make sure that the key gets copied as a whole, and doesn't contain any more characters.

    You can also send me the key via PM to check out of course, but it should work fine.

    Thanks a lot! :)

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    You can click on my name, and then:

    From there on you can kindly send me the license key for me to check out. Thanks! :)