Visual Storytelling - Setting the mood with Enscape

  • One of the most interesting qualities of the new Enscape 2.5.1 is its ability to create very attractive and believable atmospheric effects.

    In the process of narrating a story with images instead of words, the ability to create eye catching "atmospheric moods" is essential.

    We respond to the emotional quality of the scene before us, and that emotional quality is brought forth by the visual treatment of light as it travels through space, its interaction with surfaces and materials, and the memories it may trigger from our everyday experiences.

    I developed this visual sequence as a tool to explore Enscape's new and expanded capabilities, as well as an opportunity to explore story-boarding techniques in support of upcoming design work.

    I am looking forward to further refinements in this particular area of Enscape development.

    The ability to quickly and easily manipulate the quality of the atmosphere in a scene is a fantastic feature that adds value to the whole creative effort.

    I am also hoping the Asset Library continues to expand since it is proving to be not only a great time saver, but a much needed resource of high quality entourage material essential for those of us in the business of imagination.


    The topographic features were sourced from 3D Warehouse, as well as the wolves, air balloons and extraterrestrial spaceship. All the trees and the bike rider beyond were sourced from Enscape's own Asset Library. No additional post-processing except file size reduction to fit posting requirements.

    All the work is owned and produced in the Hospitality Design Studio at Fugleberg Koch, Winter Park, Florida.