Requests: Auto-save camera path, selected duration preview and movable keyframes

  • these are critical features from my experiences

    1. sometimes I close the enscape window without saving the camera path. All unsaved work are lost. Should at least show a warning.

    2. if the video is long and you just want to preview the sequence towards the end, you have to watch the whole thing again.

    3. when some new camera position are inserted, how do we shift all keyframes after?

    And yes, moving objects like lumion would be nice.

  • Thanks a lot for your feedback eugene.cho84 ! :)

    1. I'll add this to our agenda, thanks a lot.

    2. Be aware that you can always go to any keyframe you like and press "P" from there on to start the preview.

    3. Not possible right now, but, we're aware that there is demand for this and I'll upvote the existing topic on our agenda which would help with that!

    Animations is also on our agenda - a much requested topic, got your upvote! :)