Mirror help!

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  • Hi!

    Big fan of Enscape, but it has real issues with mirrors. Is anyone able to give me some tips on the below image, perhaps highlight something I might be doing wrong? This is a fairly common scenario for me, modelling shower rooms and toilets where there is always at lease one large mirror, sometimes more than one - so this is something Enscape needs to be able to do properly if its going to be a viable piece of software.

    I'm running v2.5, Ultra quality. My lights are object spotlights with an ies profile.

    1) As you can see in the mirror on the right there are some weird white artifacts on the floor and black patches on the splashback tiling. What is causing these?

    2) On the main mirror on the left, the ceiling lighting is all wrong in the mirror and there are angular light patches on the lockers.

    Also this image has a mirror reflecting a mirror, which isn't going well, Enscape doesn't like that but I can get around it by changing the camera view.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Official Post

    Hey BarryFishFinger , we would love to have a closer look at that - is there any chance you could send me the project file itself? If it's confidential, you can gladly upload it and send the link via PM. :)

    Generally, receiving the project would be great just to make sure there is nothing "unusual" going on. Please kindly also check out the following FAQ article here, regarding our real-time reflections.

    Finally, does this behavior improve when you set the "Rendering Quality" in the Enscape Settings to "Ultra" if you haven't already?