Material Editor for Archicad

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  • Hi,

    When will Enscape include support for PBR materials in Archicad ? - support for bump and normal maps, roughness maps , refraction maps etc. I can see from previous threads that this is also a big issue and request from other users. As another user wrote, I also would expect Enscape to provide the same features in the Archicad plugin as provided for Revit, Sketchup and Rino.

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    Hey Rasmus Beck, thanks for your post and welcome to our forum!

    We plan to implement a dedicated material editor for ArchiCAD with our next release 2.6. Also check out our development agenda here if you're interested. :)

  • Please, please, please make materials in Enscape react to DIFFUSE and AMBIENT in the same way as ArchiCAD…

    I spend some time tweaking materials for archicad with the DIFFUSE and AMBIENT controls only to find that when I get to ENSCAPE it reacts ONLY AS IF BOTH ARE AT 100%... Frustrating to darken / lighten colors and not have it show up in Enscape.

    This is especially frustrating with TEXTURE MAPS... As it requires a trip (or two or three) to PHOTOSHOP to darken the texture and reload into archicad to get results..

    Please let me know if there is some INHERENT reason that this cannot be done...

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    Thank you for the feedback. With the implementation of our material editor for ArchiCAD soon, you shouldn't have these problems anymore. You'll have more direct control over our material system in general and will not even have to adjust/make use of the material settings from ArchiCAD. :)

  • I just came back from vacation and here is such a surprise - material editor for Archicad. WOW! :thumbsup:

    It works almost perfectly ... almost ;)

    Is it possible to do so that materials after the change in the Enscape editor do not change the color in the Archicad preview (OpenGL)? It looks strange.

  • Tikos Thank you for testing the material editor and the feedback!
    Could you elaborate on what you mean regarding the color in Archicad preview? Would you like to have the enscape color completely seperate from the Archicad color? We tried to keep both materials as much in sync as possible.

    Please keep on giving us feedback, it really helps us to create the features you need :)

    P.s.: We're aware that the water material is currently not working correctly. A fix is currently under development.

  • Nuge thank you very much for reporting this behaviour. I took a look and a fix will most likely be available to you in the next preview verson

  • The material editor looks very promising. But beside the crashes in the preview version, there is this strange reoccurring bug: black holes, psychedelic grids and ghost building in the sky suddenly take control and multiply as you move through space. It has a really nice feeling to it, but it's not quite accurate.

  • For me, it is not working well at all... The foremost thing I wanted to do is adjust brightness of TEXTURES (as they were all stuck at 100 in Enscape even if adjusted in ARCHICAD)...

    So now I try adjustments in Enscape and it adjust ALL MY MATERIALS to super bright and saturated!...

    It actually ADJUSTS the OpenGL representation of the material... This is really bad for me... I have to now go back to ArchiCAD material editor to FIX all the materials in the 3d window BACK to how I had them...

    Was thinking it would be more like Artlantis... the changes ONLY AFFECT the Enscape window...


  • Thanks again to all of you for the feedback! The next preview version will contain fixes for the water/grass materials as well as the issue with "saturation" in the Archicad surface materials (actually, the emission color is set to white instead of black)

    @Zenoardelean could you send us a dedicated feedback report with the issues you mentioned. They sound... intersting... :D

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    Zenoardelean , a feedback report would indeed be great - if possible, you can also share some screenshots or a video of this behavior. You don't experience this behavior in the release at all, correct?

  • Zenoardelean , a feedback report would indeed be great - if possible, you can also share some screenshots or a video of this behavior. You don't experience this behavior in the release at all, correct?

    Unfortunately, I was in a hurry and needed to render for a client, so I just re-installed the official version. The odds of the screenshots being featured in a contemporary art museum would have been remarkably high.

    I did not experience that behavior in other releases. That type of behavior was totally unknown to me. The first versions of Enscape for Archicad had a somewhat similar effect, but with black blotches instead of deep dreams.

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    Zenoardelean , if you install the preview again soon and run into these issues once more, gladly send over some screenshots or a video. :) Otherwise, receiving a feedback report would still be great, since this should allow us to find the cause behind this problem. (Even if the preview is not installed anymore)

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    good night
    enscape team I don't know if it's just me but if I have the settings window I can not render in archicad, but sketchup with you !!!!
    why the difference if it exists? !!!

    Pardon? Can you not use Enscape in ArchiCAD or what are you referring to? :) If you're just referring to the material editor, then the editor for ArchiCAD is only available in our preview so far, but will be implemented into our release 2.6 as well of course!

  • The Render Image button will only activate when the Enscape Preview window is running (Via the Start Enscape button) - you can change materials, add Enscape objects, etc... but there the program cannot find an image to render until the Enscape window has been started.