keyframe speed when turning

  • So I'm having some frustrating when setting up videos, where it's hard to get the speed right when I have to turn direction.

    If I stay in one spot and just turn my view, the interpolated time is very lengthy and slows the video way down. But if I move just a short distance away and turn the view the same amount, it speeds the video way up - like if it was only using straight-line interpolation. Can you somehow take into account the degree of rotation even when you're moving short distances?



  • What would be ideal, once this is fixed, would be some way to tweak the time proportion of turning versus straight-line speed. I find the turn interpolation is too slow relative to distance interpolation. It's tricky to have to set time-stamps for the keyframes, when I'd rather the interpolation do the work for me more accurately.

  • Is anyone else bothered by the discrepancies in the movement speed interpolation?

    Anyone have suggestions for how to get even speed videos, or do you all just not rotate the view much in the videos?

  • Well, at least we currently have time stamps so we can adjust manually, so my complaint isn't that fundamental. It's just an additional control I'd like to have, especially as it would aid in generating smoother speeds in a walk-through video. It takes a lot of tweaking of the timestamps currently to get smooth motion.

  • andybot , thank you very much for your feedback.

    There is generally a feature request on our agenda to improve tweening between video keyframes which I've just happily up-voted through your voice. I've also added your feedback to the topic accordingly of course!

    Further, maybe you can send over a video of yours which you've created which showcases the turns and overall fly-through? You can of course also just send me the Video Path instead to check out - this would allow me and our developers to better understand how you're using this functionality so that we can further implement improvements.