more diverse choice of people, in assets

  • more diversity in people would be apprechiated, as:
    1) "a leaning person", inclined (that can be places leaning on house or any object, wall, bench, car...)

    2) "elderly people" - neither one exists. they would be appreciated for parks, houses, elderly housing especially, daily "senior centres", hotels, etc...)

    3) "employed and guests" - few bar tenders, nurses, or such could be very useful. "newspapers seller", "baker", "restaurant waiter" especially...

    4) arab people? coloured people? :-)

    5) baibes? in carriages...?!

    4)"a person who lies" - lying on the bed, on bench, could be even placed on car...

  • ...and...
    more WALKING people!!!
    most of them are standing or doing something WITHOUT moving... (moving legs, walking...). it is not easy to make simple "street"...

    Honestly, I am happy with only still people. Especially when you are doing video, someone frozen mid-stride looks more out of place than a figure just standing or sitting.

  • this 100%.

    I love the asset library in enscape and was rejoicing when you all did the big update.

    it would be great if designers could make their own people or customize the ones available.

    diversity and specific users (doctors, office workers, chefs) really help tell a story and bring an image to life.

  • I'll forward all your feedback accordingly, thanks! :)

    ollie_v33 , the ability to create or modify Assets is filed as a feature request on our agenda. I've gladly added a further upvote to the topic through your voice - the more upvotes -> the more demand -> the more likely it is that a particular functionality will be implemented. ;) Thanks again for the feedback!