Enscape Relevant GPU Benchmark?

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    thanks for asking! Unfortunately it's difficult to say in general that Enscape will perform with x FPS if the graphics cards pulls off y FPS in a certain game or benchmark. Things to look out for besides Base Clock (but this will usually increase from each generation to the next) are especially Memory Bandwidth (measured in GB/s), Texture Fillrate (in Gtexel/s) and if you're looking to work with large project files: usually the more Video Memory the better!

    In case of your example both cards will perform about the same, however the standard GTX 960 usually comes with only 2GB of video memory so I'd go for the 1050ti with 4GB (it also requires a lot less power in comparison 74W instead of 120W). However if the budget is available I'd recommend to consider the GTX1060 (6GB) instead - it'll perform a lot better and has enough memory to work with huge projects.