Enscape suddenly rendering very slowly and Materials sliders not working simultaneously

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  • I've been using Enscape for a few months and have been thrilled with its speed, but suddenly, it has slowed tremendously. I did download the newest version recently and am using it with SU 2018. When I make a change with the material slider, the whole screen gets very pixalated for 10-15 seconds and the change doesn't occur simultaneously as in the past. After waiting a bit, the image slowly gradually resolves and may or may not show the new material condition. This did not happen before and I have a quite powerful machine. Turning the rendering quality down makes no difference.

    Some of the material changes never seem to "stick". For example, in this attached screen shot, the roughness of the floor is set to 0, but it still looks very shiny.

    I did recently download the latest Windows 10 updates...that and the newest version of Enscape is all that has changed.

    Can someone help me trouble-shoot? Project due and I can't resolve...

    Thanks! Diane

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    Hey dldieterich2 , I suspect that your issues have something to do with 8k (or generally rather high resolution) textures. In our previous release we only supported 2k textures, so could you kindly reduce any large textures just to see if that helps?

    In case it doesn't at all, kindly send in a dedicated feedback report so that we can further troubleshoot the cause behind this, alongside the project if that is possible.

    We are generally aware of the fact that 8k textures can be too heavy for some machines and we will be providing another release in the very near future that will have an automatic downsizing functionality to avoid any performance issues regarding this.