How to save and download output settings

  • Hi All - Yes, I have read the docu on the web - but still don't really understand this entire thing 8o

    - How do i find out which preset i have just saved and which random name has Enscape assigned to it ?

    - Which preset in the pull-down menu is the one just created ?

  • Hi - It has also taken me a long time to understand that ;);)

    Enscape always starts with the last used preset as the current preset.

    when you press "save as new setting", Enscape will add a blank + a number to the current preset.

    Example: Test now becomes Test 1

    Now Test 1 is your new saved current preset. If you would create a new preset again, Enscape would now name the new preset Test 2.
    only the consecutive number gets counted up now.
    Example: ...Test 2, Test 3, Test 4 ...

    Your respective newly generated preset is highlighted in the Preset pulldown selection.

    (Tipp: to enable other colleagues to reproduce my work and to keep an overview, I also copy the corresponding preset files into the corresponding project directories next to the SkUp model itself (in addition to Enscapes default preset folder))

  • Hey everyone, thank you all for the messages. First off Axel2801 , is everything clear to you now so far? If not, let me know if you have any further specific questions.

    Furthermore, anyone here can feel free to share further feedback regarding how we should improve this system further! That would be great. :)

    Finally, just for your information, with 2.6 we plan to generally have individual settings per project and view, so that should already help with avoiding some confusion which may have been present before.

  • Project-specific settings would be awesome!

    I get why the settings are stored where they are - and ultimately, they are pretty easy to share. However, unless someone actively remembers to share their settings, when someone else comes along to work on the file they will be stuck in a rut. I've run into this a couple times where I had to update a coworker's renderings when they were out of the office - however, since their computer was off (and the settings are saved locally) and they were out, I couldn't get to their settings. This could be particularly problematic if that employee leaves the firm and their computer is removed as well, thus forever deleting those settings.

    It would be nice if settings could somehow be stored in/with the SketchUp file to which they relate. Obviously embedding them into the file is almost certainly impossible... but perhaps if they were stored in the same folder as the file to which they relate. Or even just be able to choose the settings folder location, so we could pick a folder on the network (thus preventing the sharing problem) for example.

  • Myself, no, better we work in a big team too. So it must always be ensured that everyone is able to take on any work arising, even from colleagues. So we always store project files on central server drives - not least because we are spread over many locations (and different countries even). Of course there is also the specification that we must copy the used preset files next to the corresponding SkUp files.
    To ensure that colleagues are able to handle any Enscape tasks, I have introduced the specification that ALWAYS must be named the used Render Output Resolution (even if this doesn't really work with Enscape since we are not able to synchronize our views 100% identical across different workstations), the used Solar North Angle and the used Enscape preset in the corresponding SkUp scene´s naming.
    This somewhat old-fashioned and analog looking approach ;) has proven to be very practical for us, since you don't have to look for any further documentations elsewhere. Something like shown below - maybe it will be good for you, too, at least until there is another and better solution :) ...