Color correction filters toolset

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  • The photographic quality of Enscape’s renderings is no doubt amazing, but there are certain situations where a higher degree of color accuracy is demanded. I am not suggesting Enscape color rendition may be inaccurate, rather that under certain atmospheric parameters light reflecting/refracting off surfaces alters the look and feel of colors and finishes. It’s just the nature of the physical world.

    In such circumstances “eyeballing” techniques may not do, particularly when dealing with real world buildings and client expectations that specified finishes, colors and textures, be as accurate as approved, based upon reviewed renderings and other graphic materials. This is not an unreasonable expectation.

    There are different sets of requirements when producing renderings for publication and marketing materials, than when utilizing renderings as a tool for selecting and evaluating what a physical structure may look like when finished and open for business. If something is intended to look green it should not look white on a rendered image, it should look reasonably accurate as intended.

    I wonder if it would be possible to develop a feature similar to photographic filters, for example, neutral, polarizing, graduated, and colors gels, that could be used to adjust color renditions in those circumstances when natural light simulation may alter how a color may be rendered.

    I understand these issues may be resolved by post processing techniques, but it would be very cool and time saving if post processing could be skipped altogether by making the necessary adjustments on the fly, like professional photographers used to do.

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    Thanks a lot for your feedback mannyl , this has been requested before, so be assured that your input will be added to our agenda and the corresponding topic will receive a further upvote through your voice - this way our developers will be aware of the further demand for this! ;)