What is the web standalone performance depend on?

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  • Hi Enscape team,

    I want to know when i export my model to web standalone with my PC specifications: CPU, RAM, GPU, ..etc the performance of web stand alone depond on my PC hardware which created the file or client PC ?

    For example my PC with cpu i5 7xxx, Ram 16 Gb and the PC client is lower CPU 5xxx, Ram 4 Gb. When the client open web standalone their view is so lag they can not control to walkthrough around model.


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    Hey hienngocloveyou , the Web Standalone performance always depends on the machine it's being executed on, it doesn't matter which machine exported it (as long as it is capable of doing so of course). The clients machine may in this case not be powerful enough to run the Web Standalone fluidly, since it seems there is also no dedicated graphics card available?

    In that case you could always reduce the project in size / complexity before exporting it as a Web Standalone, or the client upgrades his machine accordingly.

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    hienngocloveyou , it also depends on the Web Standalone itself regarding how fluidly it'll run on a machine, but I'd generally advice you to check out the Minimum Requirements which should allow you to display Web Standalones (which are not overly complex or large) fluently.

    If you ever want to share/display .exe standalone files instead or in addition, you can have a look at the Recommended Requirements instead. :) But, even a system which meets our Minimum Requirements will be able to display .exe standalones on Draft - Medium Rendering Quality.

    Let me know in case something is unclear!