Enscape RPC OBjects

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    Hello scottofazphx,

    this sounds very interesting. Do you only see the Enscape 'ground plane'? This would be a, by default, black, endless plane. In that case, I could assume that your Enscape camera has been created at some distance from the model. In that case, please select one of the 3D Views in the project using the 3D View Selector in the Enscape ribbon:


    If you see the white plane the RPC elements are meant to be arranged on, as well, it seems as if they are not being displayed at all. In that case, could you please send us some Feedback using the [Feedback] button in the Enscape ribbon? Please also add your e-mail address and a short description, so we may analyze the log files accordingly!

    Thank you in advance.

  • Just a possible note. If viewing a Revit file with nothing by RPC items from directly above, you may not see anything in Revit. You are looking directly down the sliver of a flat RPC elements. If that same view is shown in Enscape with the RPC replacement turned off in settings, it could also probably appear empty there. Choose a side 3D view in Revit and corresponding view in Enscape to be sure.