View tabs for EXE files - Design Discussion

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  • Sending an EXE file to clients and having view tabs would be a great addition....especially if you want to communicate the design instead to wait until they go to the specific location to talk about specific finish or detail. (if they do it right of course).

  • Fernando Lino thank you for your feedback.

    How do you want to define these tabs in Revit/SketchUp?

    Revit: Different design options?

    SketchUp: Different scenes?

  • In Revit, I would say it would be most convenient tied to the camera views created by Enscape. My personal preference would also be to choose from a drop down list instead of tabs in the standalone exe.

  • I'd love a dropdown (both in the regular enscape window and the standalone export) that would be populated by selected revit cameras. Selected (as in, i have a menu in which I can chose which camera's to include) is key here, we sometimes have hundreds of 3d views in large projects, I don't want to sort through them while a CEO is looking. I want to have my 5 selected views that I want to discuss with him.

    Ideally, we would be able to determine the order of the list and we would get a next and previous button. That would switch between these views. And if you're in a generous mode: instead of teleporting, it would be awesome if we would fly from one spot to another using a interpolated path (like animations work right now).

  • I would like to get a view scroll down menu too (for Rhino). For example the 3D PDF exporter of Simlab allow to choose which of the saved Rhino views should be exported. It be one of the very important features for my clients (designers and architects).

    Also it could be good if walk troughs paths could be defined per simple curves. This views could be part of the scroll down menu.