Plants generator follow material's colors

  • Hi guys,

    I am thinking that it would be an great function that Enscape could generate different plants (flowers, shrubs, grass, etc.) according to the color of materials.

    Has anyone ever considerred this possibility?:thumbsup:

  • Aahhh - you mean scattering a specific range of plants on to a specific coloured face (ground plane) in your model?

    Personally I think that this is to do with the placement of the assets rather than the assets themselves - the Skatter plugin (SU) is designed specifically for this purpose, but since Enscape includes the option of placing assets then I agree that it should be able to do more than just "paste" the asset into the model.

    (I have some suggestions elsewhere, but this suggestion and the scrips Arno has written for Revit are another feature that it would be nice to include as native to the Enscape program)

  • Thank you all for the feedback! ;)

    There is already a dedicated feature request on our agenda to allow you scatter assets in your project, in any supported CAD solution, not just in SketchUp. I've added your further feedback thinhpham and another upvote to the topic! :)

    Further Gadget and Pieter , your feedback will of course be forwarded as well, thanks a lot!