Update button

  • It would make workflow smoother if there was an option to force a singular update of the model to Enscape during live update pause.

    I'm facing desire for this with Revit quite often, since I design visualizations for buildings. I test a lot of stuff before and often have Enscape in the other screen with live updates on so see what my changes look like in actual lightning conditions etc. Dark side of this is that when model is even slightly larger than just a room, updating even small changes in Revit, cause small lag for the software when the "data is being sent". Makes me also wonder, if the data could somehow be sent in the background, in another process, but that's not my level stuff to think about, so I just name this tiny issue.

    PS. I hope Volvo, Scania or Man gave their trucks as assets to Enscape - would make visualization in industry and logistics feel a lot more personal for clients.

  • Veetihei , thanks a lot for your feedback and welcome to our forum! :)

    Before I'll file your inquiry as a dedicated feature request, please be aware, that you can also set a dedicated Revit keyboard shortcut to easily Pause/Resume our Enscape Live Updates:

    This allows you to simply select the active instance of Revit, click your defined shortcut key two times and the project would be updated.

    If that is not convenient for you, and you prefer having a dedicated "Update" button in our Enscape ribbon additionally, please let me know.

    Finally, I'll forward your wish to have Volvo, Scania or Man trucks as Assets in Enscape, thanks!

  • Using the short cut is great but often you forget to turn if off and Enscape is pushing to update something when I was just working in Revit. It would be great if it was the same button that just allowed you to switch into manual mode, where it only updates Escape where you press it.