Updating Views in Enscape

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  • Pardon my ignorance here, but is there a way to update a view in Enscape? So far the only way I can find to save a camera position is to create a new view - but what if I want to adjust the camera after the fact. Do I need to make yet another view?

    I realize I can synchronize views between Enscape and SketchUp, but this is running into it's own problems - since SketchUp determines it's camera cropping based on the size of the window including toolbars (a poor decision in my opinion - it is extremely difficult for multiple people to export out the same size image from SketchUp as they will invariably have different setups), Enscape also seems to pick this up and move the camera to adjust. In addition, we frequently have Parallel Projection turned on in SketchUp for when we export out straight views from SketchUp - in SketchUp, you can pan a parallel projection view to fake "looking up" while still keeping the verticals parallel - in Enscape, you cannot, unless you turn on it's own Parallel Projection option. But of course, this isn't available when you have synced views.

    This is all fine, I can work within the limitations of view aspect ratio/camera position/projection, but it creates a situation where I want to have slightly different versions of views between SketchUp and Enscape. Thus, I keep synchronization off. The problem is, if I adjust the view In SketchUp, it doesn't in Enscape. Fine, I can also adjust in Enscape (And frankly with heavy files Enscape is much smoother to move around anyway, and almost preferable). But I can't seem to find a way to update an existing view from Enscape.

    Ideally, I would love to sync views between Enscape and Sketchup, but have Enscape control the view/camera, not SketchUp. But barring that, I would at least like to be able to update existing views in Enscape (the ones listed in the "Manage Views" dropdown). Yet, I only seem to be able to create new ones. When I am frequently adjusting views and working with 10+ views, view management quickly becomes messy.

  • Slight correction: the ability to pan/look around in Enscape vs SketchUp with parallel projection is slightly different than I initially wrote - in SketchUp, with pp turned on you can pan the view, but trying to look around turns off the setting. In Enscape, if you have the native pp turned on you actually can look around and maintain the setting. The problem arises that Enscape does not pick up SketchUp's panning with pp turned on when you have views synced.

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    Hey AugustR , thank you very much for your constructive feedback! We would love to include the possibility to control SketchUp through Enscape while View Synchronization is activated but this is technically not possible I'm afraid.

    Still, there is generally a feature request already on our agenda which has some demand, to allow updating existing camera views/scenes.

    I've happily added another upvote to the topic through your behalf! I hope that the current method will not hinder your workflow in a negative way all too much. Let me know in case you want to share any further feedback with us! :)

  • I understand completely the technical limitations here with view control through Enscape - it was a high wish that's for sure! But not something I necessarily expected to be possible.

    However, I would absolutely support the ability to update existing Enscape views/scenes. I'll add as many upvotes to that as I can!

  • Second the update view/scene option, so I'm glad to hear it's being worked on. I'd also like to push for Enscape to support panning after a view is set with Parallel Projection in sketchup. Rather than having both Sketchup scenes and Enscape scenes within one skp file, I'd like to just have the skp scenes and synchronize with enscape.


  • +1 on being able to update existing views. Hopefully this can be part of of the refacturing of the settings.

    So that you can update a view including camera position, image settings, position of the sun... Etc

  • +1 Another problem is that Enscape can't perfectly synchronize sketchup's two perspectives. This will lead to lines that cannot be superimposed. The view synchronization function of Enscape has a lot of room for improvement, and Vray performs perfectly in this respect.

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    Hey Pieter and RAIPing , I've added your up-votes to the topic of course. Also, RAIPing , we're aware of this behavior and will also look into ways to improve this in the future.