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  • One of the biggest parts of our job as designers is to have a strong connection with the client throughout the design process. Systems like Enscape VR enable an even greater understanding of designs than we have ever had in the past but to run VR well, you need a beast of a PC which most clients don't have. Even running an exported standalone exe with ultra settings is a stretch for most peoples PC so they are confined to lower quality images and they must be on their PC to use the exe file.

    Due to these limitations we have been using Kubity to showcase designs to clients in a format that they can access easily on any device they want. While it is not a rendered image in most cases the client just loves the fact that they can look around their new home on their ipad. Movement of the model in the window is similar to Enscape just applied within a touch environment.

    Now there is very little chance of getting Enscape quality from the graphics chips in devices but if you were to build an app that ran Enscape on a web server and feed the stream though to the device (or web browser) then you would get ultra image quality irrespective of the device being used.

    Otoy have a service, X.IO, which allows you to upload software which gets loaded onto servers when someone clicks a link. I have uploaded an Enscape .exe but there was a glitch that I haven't followed up on so haven't seen how it would work out. I have used the service for Unreal environments that I have built and the mouse response is pretty good and graphics are as good as on a local PC. The only limitation is the internet connection speed but clients are more likely to have a fast connection than a hi spec PC.

    So the question is... are you looking at the possibility of having a service available where we can upload and run Enscape .exe files from a web server through either a native device app or through a web browser?

    If we could provide our clients the ease of use & accessibility of the Kubity app with the High quality imaging that Enscape creates it would be win win for all.


  • Hi Gavin Pendergrast thank your for your feedback. A solution for low-spec machines is on our agenda, we will check what's possible.

  • Do check out what X.IO can do as something along those lines would be a great solution for your system. Being able to view ultra settings on any device.. anywhere. You wouldn't have to worry about a low spec solution. I will follow up on what the glitch was and embed a stream into a page for you to check out. X.IO is just browser based at present and they weren't keen on a native device app for various reasons. But if you were to build a streaming service for Enscape users, a native app for android and apple would be a must. Not sure if you have tried the Kubity app, if you had that type of access and usability with Enscape graphics....wow!

  • Not a fan of baked lighting, maybe fixed position lights can be baked but the sun needs to be dynamic, its a great feature. The whole point is to take the processing away from the users PC and do it with web servers. That way you don't have to compromise the quality of the product and could run it with ultra settings on a crappy tablet.

  • Hello everyone! I am researching this topic for a company who wants to put the standalone .exe files on a website - has any progress been made on this since the last post? Or for that matter, anyone you know of doing something like that? TIA!

  • Web server for models would be amazing…

    I wonder if the Enscape team realised it would be a new revenue stream for them they might get it up and running quicker:evil:

    During a completely different thread a solution for lower spec machines came up. 3Dvista works with pano exports from Enscape, (more of a workaround than a solution I suppose)

    standalone file 3Dvista

    screen record of using 3Dvista standalone

    its all a test run to see how it works so model has had minimal work on it and the 3dvist was thrown toggether to see if it actually works with enscape....

  • We do not have insights or recommendations regarding playback of Enscape in the cloud and streaming the video output. However, we realize that this is a practical problem. Thats why we work on a native web based export, which runs in your local webbrowser. It still needs a strong machine but should be much more compatible and does not require exe permissions.

  • I have come back to this post because I feel it is a missed opportunity.

    Cloud based applications running from server farms is the way of the future for all software.

    If you were able to connect with one of the companies running these cloud based desktop applications systems then you may be able to create a portal for enscape users to upload their .exe files and recieve a link that can be shared with others or embed the feed of the application into their web sites.

    This will allow the quality of your software to be showcased on IOS and Android devices without needing to rewrite any code because its just a video stream from the server.

    Native IOS or andriod apps could be built to access these cloud based .exe's and once again they are just frontage apps that stream the visuals while providing the navigation commands back to the server.

    I will be investigating options available to the public and will let you know how I get on.


    We do not have insights or recommendations regarding playback of Enscape in the cloud and streaming the video output. However, we realize that this is a practical problem. Thats why we work on a native web based export, which runs in your local webbrowser. It still needs a strong machine but should be much more compatible and does not require exe permissions.

  • running from server farms is the way of the future for all software

    As with all easy solutions to complex problems, i think this is not entirely true.

    1. Applications like VR require extreme low latency, which is challenging on local machines but almost impossible for cloud rendering.
    2. Cloud rendering / applications are only a good solution in areas/scenarios where you have perfect and interruption-free internet access. This is not true for all places in the world, especially not construction sites.
    3. Store space in the cloud is very cheap, computational power is not. If you talk about renting a bunch of GPU instances (which are also weaker than their desktop equivalents, measured per GPU), it quickly becomes a costly decision which turns out to be cheaper to buy the system locally.
  • Thanks Thomas,

    1. You are correct about the VR aspect. Its not something that would be done via the cloud for a while yet.

    2. One would suspect that the types of areas/countries your enscape clients work in will have adequate internet access to receive a 1080 stream. Even way over here in NZ most of my clients and industry workers have either 4G or fibre which would be more than enough. If it is possible to do then don't let someones crappy internet connection block progress!

    3. The point here is that it is possible. There are probably a few ways to make it happen & a few different ways to pay for it. At the end of the day if it can be done, then we are the ones who will pay for any processing/storage required and we will determine if its good value.

    If I can provide a link to my clients that allows them to view my Enscape model on-line I would have the link everywhere. I do it with kubity but that's not even in the same league when it comes to quality. What is is however is accessible and easy.

    Will keep you updated with option I can find. The X.IO system from otoy is good but I am just having some issues with there upload system and thier help center as gone on a year long holiday!


  • Gavin,

    If you can, is it possible to show us an example of the X.IO system online ? Or is the upload not working at all ?
    I would sure loooove an online standalone file. Thought it was possible when I purchased Enscape, so it was a bit of a bummer when it wasn't there.
    But I still wouldn't trade Enscape for anything else. Love it.

  • I am working with them currently to get the upload working. I did have other software running on there but I have since removed from their servers.

    I will get an example up as soon as I can.

    It does pay to have some java script knowledge when embedding in a website or link as you pay per minute for each instance that is running. Its not much $ but if a stream is left running for hours it can add up.