Problem with launching. 5% full halt. Need to restart Revit.

  • Can not start a session with enscape with the files which are being opened normally on the other machine. Some files are ok, some simply halt on 5% process while Enscape window is just blank with no welcome screen.

    Need an instant help.

    The glitch is with GTX 1060 Mobile Win10 while the normal working is with GTX760 Win7:(

  • Hey Roman V , welcome to our forum. :)

    Would you please be so very kind to check for the following software and either disable it and/or deny the autostart when you boot your operating system:

    Asus Sonic Studio II

    Alienware Sound Center


    MSI Nahimic

    If you do not have the above software included, or disabling the software does not resolve the issue for you, then please send in a dedicated feedback report as described here - please also add your forum name or some other reference so that we know it's from you! That would be very helpful for us to identify the cause behind this problem.


  • After a couple of hours of confusion, looks now as it works now though. Could not grasp the issue, I sent a debug file to the team. may be they will see, some extream settings or erorrs in files.

  • Nahimic I have here in MSI machine. Will keep it in mind next time. I sent a feedback from the program. Please check.

    Happy now there is some relief, it works. I played with overrides but havn't found the exact trick.

    By the way, is it in your plans to create a short cut for Start/Stop button? Always stumble on this in complex model cause I need to activate/deactivate it hundred times a day.

    Thank you for your job!

  • only small draws can open enscape

    The big with links impossible

    Looks like the projects are too big. Amount and size of textures in the first place. Please send feedback with logs so we could have a look. Or try our older relesase 2.4. Or wait a couple of days until next hotfix release is published which will contain texture size restriction like in 2.4.

  • With version 2.4 we don't see all the people and plants we used from 2.5

    Yes, but if 2.4 runs well, then the problem is very probably in big textures you use. In 2.5 scene texture size limit was increased from 2048x2048px to 8192x8192px, which may lead to out of memory errors on GPU if you use a lot of such big textures. As I mentioned, 2.5.2 will scale textures down back to 2048x2048 as it was done in 2.4.

  • mnaranjo , check out how to submit a feedback report here. Thank you in advance. Please add your forum name as well so we know it's from you!

    By the way, is it in your plans to create a short cut for Start/Stop button? Always stumble on this in complex model cause I need to activate/deactivate it hundred times a day.

    See above, you can already define your own shortcut key (combination) to pause and resume our live updates. :)

    Regarding the issues you're still experiencing even after deactivating Nahimic , could you please make sure you're using our latest release and if an update doesn't help (or you're already using 2.5.2) could you let me know which e-mail / reference you've used for the report you submitted already? Gladly send me your e-mail which has been used via PM if you don't wanna share it openly.

  • Good news, Demian, regarding the shortcut!

    Not yet experienced the problems after the Nahimic is deactivated,

    I don't see any reference for my report, where is it?

    Last release is loading, I will let you know if it persists


  • Nahimic is harmful, even for the latest release.

    Can not conform with enscape. I stopped it, restarted Revit, and so we went on.

    You need to fix it somehow, team!

    We did actually contact Nahimic as well in order to find a better solution for this, they haven't gotten back to us yet unfortunately. I could go into detail, but it's more or less a bit of "unclean programming" from Nahimics side. We're waiting for their response, hope that this won't negatively influence you all too much. :) Generally, are you actively making use of Nahimic, if so, could you briefly let me know why?

    Also, regarding the report of yours, if you don't experience issues besides the Nahimic related one, it's all good, no need for further reference. :)

  • No, I did not realize I use* Nahimic since your advice to switch it off, I found it, it is a good embedded MSI hidden software that controls the music, sound etc.

    after deactivating it in Youtube for instance all the sound was incorrect - vibration, slumping down etc,

    I could not use it at all, so now my option is here : either to work and listen to the music or to work with Enscape in silence. Not so good you know));)