Interactive asset library

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  • Since my work involves mix-use development where we see large crowds, people out and about, people shopping, coming and going, etc., and since the Asset Library is proving to be such a great source of ready-to-render entourage material, perhaps even a substitute for other third-party sources, in the future perhaps we could place requests for specific assets directly from the Asset Library.

    For example, this relates to my architectural workflow and may not be valid for others, but as I develop an architectural concept in SketchUp, I find great time savings in just using the Asset Library instead of navigating to my Form Fonts or 3D Warehouse repositories. I am more productive if I do not have to leave my SKP/Enscape environment to search for content. So it would be very useful to be able to place new asset requests directly from the Asset Library dialog.

    Other categories I would like to see in the future are:

    People shopping, carrying bags

    People on mobile devices

    People conversing with other people

    People taking selfies

    People pointing at things

    People greeting each other

    People far in the background - these could be groups of 2D people with almost no features, just large crowds far away in the distance.

    People walking their pets

    People playing sports

    People calling other people with their arms

    People sitting at restaurants, park benches

    Domestic animals


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    Thanks for the feedback mannyl , I've just filed a feature request to allow you to make asset requests directly in the library itself. :) I can understand that this would be better for keeping up your workflow.

    Further, your other direct Asset requests have been noted! ;)