Transparent 2d Silhouettes(people) and transparency

  • I have the White Mode set in Enscape (using with SketchUp).

    I know that all items go white unless they have a level of transparency designation using Enscape materials.

    The 2d silhouette people I am using are just outlined 2D single planes (no thickness, no textures). Standard SKP.

    No matter what I do I cannot make the silhouettes have any transparency. I just don't want them to be completely solid in the "White model"


  • After some further testing it seem that if the 2D geometry is a SkecthUp "component" it is not recognizing the transparency of the material. As soon as I "explode" the component it recognizes the material transparency, BUT unfortunately I cannot use the "face camera" property if the person is not a component. Any advice on how to solve this?


  • Hi norbertsf transparent billboards are currently not supported. But we have this on our agenda.
    So I don't see a possibility to help you at this point.