Preview version: 2.6

  • See, what's coming in the next version of Enscape!



    The settings are getting a rework. This means for now:

    • Separation into "general" and "visual" settings
    • Most of the "about" dialog has moved to the general settings (e.g. network proxy, license)
    • Load and save visual settings from/to arbitrary files
    • Many smaller improvements

    This is just the beginning. We have much more planned. Stay tuned!

    Texture rotation

    The material editor for SketchUp and Rhino now support texture rotation. If you use this feature in SketchUp you will see differences in the appearance, since it isn't supported natively.

    RTX support

    Starting with this preview version Enscape now makes use of the dedicated RTX technology of Nvidia to accelerate ray tracing computations for indirect lighting and reflections. This allows users with RTX compatible hardware from now on to profit from more detailed geometry in reflections and more accurate indirect lighting calculations without sacrificing performance.

    Note: Due to stability issues RTX hardware support has been temporarily disabled.


    Store settings in CAD project

    You can now store your visual presets in the CAD file itself and load it later. With "Manage presets" you can delete or rename these.

    Please be aware that in some CADs these interactions are included in the the undo/redo stack - in others they aren't.

    These visual presets don't touch your general settings at all. This means you can share visual settings with your team while still having your own preference, e.g. an inverted mouse movement.

    If you have used the last preview to save presets in files, I'm sorry to inform you that these files can no longer be read. The legacy import is still located in the general settings.

    Settings tweaks

    The settings have undergone a few tweaks, I'll list the most important ones here, but there are more little improvements to be found.

    Click the "..." button to reset to default value or open a box for textual input. Double-clicking the thumb still resets to defaults. When the slider has keyboard focus you can also just start typing a value and the textbox pops up.

    The interactive help is now visible in the status bar (with a few exceptions).

    The capture settings have been moved to the visual settings for now. "Auto Resolution" and "Grass Rendering" have been moved to the general settings under a new category "Performance".

    No more scrolling in the "Atmosphere" tab. Skybox is just another option for the horizon.

    Having two setting windows both being sticky at the top led to some usability problems, so both are no longer at the top until we have a better solution.

    Improved sunglare

    The sunglare should look even better now. Especially when the sun is partially occluded the glare's center is no longer occluded.

    Settings in Web Standalone

    Some basic settings are shown in web standalones (those already available in the exe standalone, reduced to fit the web capabilities). This feature is enabled for every web standalone uploaded with 2.6.0-preview.1 or later and applies also to existing ones.


    ArchiCAD material editor

    There is not much to say about it. Works like in SketchUp and Rhino.

    Revit: Fixed broken File menu

    We fixed one instance of the "File" menu being broken. If you still encounter the problem, please report the problem as this will have another reason.

    RTX Support

    As of Preview 3 also water off-screen reflections are working with RTX.


    MSI installer

    Enscape uses the MSI technology now. This makes it easier for you to perform a company-wide unattended installation.

    You should uninstall the older versions before installing the MSI.

    Improved sun shadow quality

    For capturings the quality of the sun shadows is further improved, especially in cases where shadows suffered from quality issues before (e.g. when using a very low field of view or in very large projects).

    RTX implementation temporarily disabled

    Due to stability issues in previous Preview versions we've temporarily disabled RTX support. This allows people with RTX capable gpus (like RTX20 series or GTX1070/1080) to still run our Preview version until we've completely eliminated the reported crashes/freezes.


    MSI installer

    The installer now detects when you need to install some prerequisites or when you should uninstall a former version of Enscape first.

    Rift S controller

    Enscape now shows the Rift S controller models correctly when being used.

    Revit: Alternative asset placement

    You can now place assets on the active work plane (similar to the sound sources) or you can choose to use your existing families and link them to an Enscape Asset.

    Improved camera sync

    Enscape now supports more camera orientations.

    This camera roll is not great for navigation (you can go out of this using the num-block), but you might want to render some images this way.


    Revit: Alternative asset placement

    The default placement mode has been changed back to 'Place on active work plane'.

    Vertical field of view support in camera sync and view creation

    Enscape now handles field of view information correctly, if a CAD viewport specifying a vertical instead of a horizontal field of view is used
    in conjunction with the camera sync or Enscape's view creation. SketchUp and Rhino are both affected by this.

    Several settings related bugfixes

    Several bugfixes of varying severity, affecting the settings and setting presets, have been implemented.
    The Standalone settings UI has also been adjusted to reflect the current state of the settings overall.

    Asset library popup bugfix

    A bug leading to a misplaced tile popup in the asset library has been fixed.
    The bug prevented favorite selection and access to the additional Revit placement mode.

    Improved ray tracing quality

    Compared to previous versions we’ve enhanced lighting calculations and accuracy of our ray traced reflections significantly: More detailed lighting in reflections, including objects casting shadows, texture maps and correct display of cutout materials, raise reflection quality. The same technology also increases the accuracy of indirect lighting in Enscape 2.6: Especially interior scenes with artificial lights benefit with less indirect light leaking and more pronounced indirect shadows.


    Various rendering quality related bugfixes

    Most notably:

    • Low texture resolution of reflections in video renderings fixed
    • Favourite view exposure issues fixed
    • Semi-transparent materials too bright fixed
    • Green tint of specular reflections in video renderings on AMD fixed

    As always: We're looking forward to your feedback!

  • please fix the download link - thx

    win 10 | 2080ti | dual xeon w2687w | 128gig ram | asus mainboard | ssd | htc vive | asus proart 4k monitor

    modelling stuff with sketchup, drawing stuff with vectorworks, rendering with cinema4d r20 + corona render & now of course, enscape :)

    but best of all > experiencing stuff in VR with enscape !!

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  • Just a few quick things I've noticed so far...

    - "Load screen" does not seem to load - still has the 'enscape' screen.

    - When I start the DOF, the 'auto focus' is always ticked on; it does not remember the previous settings.

    - Atmosphere tab needs to be lengthened so that all the sliders are visible


    the Rotation bit of the textures: it's almost impossible to get a specific angle (please let the data input accept numeric input) and the slider would be much better with 45º snap to points.

  • Intended Functionality?

    1. Outlines seem to be the same as previous versions... still thick at 1%

    Couple possible bugs?

    2. TGAs textures appear to render incorrectly, if I switch to jpg it looks correct.

    3. After completing a capture, the GI seems to turn off, shadows become black.

  • I'm guessing the RTX features are only available to Windows 10 users?

    (I've got an RTX 2070, but I still haven't upgraded Win 7 to Win 10....)

    [Upon further reflection, my question is dumb. I *know* the raytracing features are part of Windows 10 only. Mods: feel free to delete this post or leave it up as an "answer" for others. :P]

  • The grass is having problems, very high even with all the low settings

    Thanks for your report. We could reproduce the issue and will look into this.

    Great to see RTX implementation. Looking forward to the official release. Unfortunately, the current preview build on my GTX 1080 TI (with the latest driver) results in incomplete reflection render, especially for back-side reflections (ones not appearing directly in the viewport). Hopefully a software glitch and not a hardware limitation...

    mirror reflection error

    The RTX reflections work the same way as before. So it is by design that not necessarily all geometry is visible in reflections. Also in case of Sketchup only the front-side material can be considered. However we're working on improving both of these issue - for both RTX and non-RTX implementations.

    Will shadows and AO be part of final 2.6 RT Ray tracing?

    Ray traced shadows will likely come at some point in the future, but are currently not scheduled for 2.6. A separate AO pass is not required in Enscape, so there won't be an option for that.

    but still very unstable and with some bugs for example in the mirror that is all texture non-standard

    Can you please elaborate on that? What exactly behaves differently from previous mirror reflections? As mentioned in the first post there are currently still some limitations like: "Artificial light is not visible yet in reflections and has no effect on indirect lighting", which might of course effect interior scenes a lot.

  • Hello, the preview version was very good on issues like light and shadow, but still very unstable and with some bugs for example in the mirror that is all texture non-standard, but I was very excited about this version.

    Did you render this on an RTX card? Seeing the same mirror issue on a 1080Ti, which go some RTX/DXR support in the latest drivers. Ray traced reflections work well in Unreal, so there is hope.

  • I'm guessing the RTX features are only available to Windows 10 users?

    (I've got an RTX 2070, but I still haven't upgraded Win 7 to Win 10....)

    [Upon further reflection, my question is dumb. I *know* the raytracing features are part of Windows 10 only. Mods: feel free to delete this post or leave it up as an "answer" for others. :P]

    I'm glad you posted, I wasn't even thinking OS would be an issue. It's good information to know that it's not just a hardware upgrade, I would need to plan for an OS upgrade as well (I'm using Win 7 as well.) Where can I find details on the hardware and software requirements?

  • Tested the new build. Great to see the work being done on the settings. A few quick thoughts

    • I feel that Automatic Resolution is not really an image setting but more a 'general settings' thing (it's a performance setting)
    • I think it would be easier if you gather all settings that affect 'lighting/brightness' in one place. These settings are spread out right now over 3 tabs, making it harder for non advanced users. Perhaps rename atmosphere to 'lighting and sky' ? At the top you could have Exposure + Ambient brightness, followed by the Skybox settings, followed by the illumination settings. I would put horizon, clouds and fog underneath that.
    • For some settings, it would help if we could type in an exact value
    • the 'auto hide' of certain sliders doesn't seem to work yet? (for example: the contrast sliders when you turn auto contrast on, or the rotation of the skybox when you don't have a custom sky)
    • You could make some of these dialogs more compact by adding more 'auto hide'. For example with clouds you could just have a checkbox 'customize clouds', which would show all these extra sliders. We generally don't change any of these settings and leave it at default. Same with Fog. Also, if white background is on, you can hide all the settings for clouds.

    Of course the next big question is going to be: how will we be able to save these image settings :)

    Looking forward to more updates.

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