suggestion/critique - sketchup light placement

  • hi there,

    placing light objects from enscape is a pain in the a** :) .. i respect the 3 click approach but since the ueber cool best feature of sketchup ( just in case anyone is wondering what im talking about -> snapping and inferences) is not working the placing of lights is madness...

    im sure anyone has this on some list and this is waiting being tackled ..

    consider this just a nice reminder :*

    best, franz

    win 10 | 3080ti | intel 12900k | 64 gig ram | asus mainboard | ssd 980 pro | valve index | dual asus proart 4k monitor

    drawing stuff with vectorworks, modelling stuff with sketchup, rendering inside blender/cinema4d with corona render

    & ofc using enscape and lately d5 and also a little ue5 :)

    best of all > experiencing stuff in VR with enscape !!

  • Hi bsfranza: indeed this is already an existing feature request on our agenda. I have now upvoted it on your behalf. :)

    Thanks for the feedback!