a couple requests

  • Hi to the devs team!

    i thought about a couple things to speed up the SU-ENSCAPE workflow:

    1. Possibility to export only selected geometry (for quick views of single objects)

    2. Possibility to UN-link a SU component previously linked to an external model (is there a way or the only way is to move the hipoly component to another location so to make it unaccessible to enscape?)


  • 1. Possibility to export only selected geometry (for quick views of single objects)

    How dependent are you on layers within SU? If they are not too cluttered with stuff you could do this with a couple of clicks (Putting it on a seperate layer and hiding all other layers)

    Or just copy and paste into a new (blank) document.

  • Hey pibuz , thanks for your post! :)

    1. Sure, I can file that as a feature request. Just to make sure, an option that would allow you to highlight anything you like in SketchUp, and only that is being rendered in Enscape? :)

    2. There is currently no way to unlink Linked Models via a click for example, but you can always toggle the Hide option in SketchUp itself:

    If you want to display a certain Linked Model again later on, you can just unhide it again.

    Let me know in case this is not efficient for you and also why. Thanks a lot!

  • Hi Demian!

    For option 1, a simple "export to Enscape what is currently selected; if nothing or everything is selected, export everything" kind of thing.

    Option 2 isn't workable for me, as I prepared a complex dynamic component, and I'm actually substituting each instance with a more complex model....

    I'm no programmer but I think that a simple thickbox like "use external model" in the current enscape's object properties window wouldn't be that hard to implement. but again, I'm no programmer and i'm only suggesting from my experience :-)

  • hi there,

    i can only second the request to export only currently visible "scene context" / objects .. at least as an option that would be nice!

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    but best of all > experiencing stuff in VR with enscape !!

  • Thanks for the further feedback pibuz , I'll file the feature requests including your feedback accordingly. :)

    bsfranza , just to make sure you're aware, but for example, hidden layers won't be displayed in Enscape, nor hidden objects or areas which are cut out by a section plane. Could you perchance kindly re-elaborate what you'd like to see implemented? In this case, the wish was to only export what's selected in SketchUp into Enscape, maybe that's what you're referring to? Thanks!