(2.6) Visual settings dialogue locked after rendering

  • I generate a few 'artistic' shots in a project with differing DOF from different angles- I am finding that after I render from one camera position, I can move to another camera position but all of the Visual Setting options are locked out: I need to close and open it again to be able to change anything.

  • Thanks for the report Gadget , I've not been able to reproduce this problem just yet - could you briefly kindly guide me through the exact steps you took? If it's easier for you, you can of course also share a screen-capture-video of this behavior. Thank you again in advance!

  • ...hmm... today, I am not able to reproduce the same effects either - various models, various order of steps. Put it down to a temporary glitch. (Maybe the computer just needed a weekend break.)

    Alright, thanks for letting me know. If it ever occurs again, kindly get back to us! :)