Revit menu bug with Enscape preview

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  • I get some strange behaviour with enscape 2.6.0-preview1+7184

    When I start Revit everything works normally until i click the Enscape tab. After this the File menu stops working. I cannot open, close or save files within the File menu. However i can save, open etc on the quick menu. It seems only the File menu is affected.

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    Hey 3DMake , thanks a lot for your report - I've not been able to reproduce this just yet, so could you kindly send in a dedicated feedback report as described here? Please also add some reference into the form so we know it's from you.

    Further, this behavior was not persisting in our latest release, correct? Also, which version of Revit are you using? Can you use Enscape just fine? Thanks in advance!

  • For now I've reverted back to as this bug was quite annoying to work with. It seemed it was not consitent, sometimes it happened right after I pushed the enscape tab. Sometimes it happened after a while. I have not had the problem yet after I reverted back.

    Do you still want a feedback report even though I have reverted?

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    3DMake , yes, it would be great if you could still submit the report. We'll still receive log files from 2.6, even if you downgraded for now. Thanks!