Enscape walktrough for Oculus Quest?

  • HI guys.

    At the moment it is not possible to use an executable Enscape export (.exe) within the Oculus Quest but only 360 panorama still views.

    Are you working on an application that supports the features of the Quest in order to have a walkthrough in Enscape but without the limitations of cords, sensors and laptops?



    (Hi again! I found a post where the topic had been up before (sorry). BUT what is your approach towards the possibility of using Enscape on the Quest in a near by future?)

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  • KarstenH , thanks a lot for your post and welcome to our forum. :)

    Generally, you've probably checked out the following thread already. We have not tested it ourselves just yet, but we received some reports that ALVR can be used to stream Enscape's VR output into the Quest, so also no tethering required. We cannot guarantee that it's flawless though, but we're gonna check that soon.

    Support for the Oculus Quest, as in, dedicated standalone files specifically designed for this device is filed as a feature request on our agenda. This has some demand already, but exporting larger projects could cause some performance issues probably rather quickly since we'd hit the hardware limitations of the Quest, which currently "only" has smartphone hardware. In any case, your voice added a further upvote to the topic on our agenda! :)

  • Demian Gutberlet, can I also add my voice to further upvote the topic on your agenda :thumbsup:

    Many thanks.



    Thanks! Chances are pretty high that there will be no dedicated support for the Quest, but for a more capable and powerful VR standalone device in the near future. Be aware that, in the meantime, you could try something like ALVR or VRidge which allows you to stream Enscape VR into the Quest directly.