Transparency of RPC families, shopping window effect - how to?

  • Hi,
    I'm just starting with the software. So please be patient with me.
    My questions are: there a way to control RPC families (primarily trees) transparency?
    2. what would be best practice to place an image of fake storefront window few feet behind the storefront glazing?

    I'm trying to set the scene of retail street environment.
    The issue with trees- they are too dominant for the purpose. Any tip how to "ghost" them will be greatly appreciated.
    The issue with the storefront windows - they're empty and looking as if the place is under construction. In other softwares I used to have fake massing behind the glazing with the fake storefront shader, or sometimes it was possible to have a second image "offset" from the face of the finish. I'm curious of any tricks in Enscape that would solve this issue. Basically I'm trying to have an effect of shopping window with only one surface modeled.

    Thank you,
    and have a great day,

  • Hello Gosqua,

    thank you for your feedback!

    I'm afraid currently there is no way to set RPC objects to be transparent. However, I have filed your question as a feature request for our developers.

    Also, it will not be possible to have the desired 'shopping window' effect with only one face modelled, but you should be able to receive a nice result with at least two faces. You'll need to have one face of geometry for the window with a glass material applied. You can then place a second face in Revit at some distance behind the window and apply a texture that looks like you imagined.

    I still hope my answer has been helpful. Don't hesitate to let me know in case I misunderstood anything.