New hotel expansion for The Grove Resort & Spa, Orlando Florida by Fugleberg Koch

  • Yesterday the Orlando Business Journal published a news release and a slideshow for a new architectural project our firm, Fugleberg Koch of Winter Park, Florida is currently working on.

    Orlando Business Journal - The Grove Resort news release

    We used SketchUp Pro 2017 and Revit 2018 to develop our design ideas and Enscape 2.5 to produce the rendering views included in the OBJ slideshow.

    We took this opportunity to explore Enscape 2.5 full capabilities, and we are very pleased with the end result. All the entourage you see in those views and the ones attached to this post came directly from Enscape's Asset Library; the textures are from various free sources including FormFonts and 3D Warehouse.

    I hope you enjoy these images.

  • The late afternoon Florida sun tends to throw a particularly warm light on the scene, especially in August. This atmospheric effect is even more prominent after summer thunderstorms, when a thin vail of humidity may linger in the air.

    Here we see that look as an advantage, but you would have to experience it in person to better grasp my point. It’s a Florida vacation moment kind of a thing, and Enscape is proving instrumental in helping us achieve that kind of look.

    Now, the jelly looking blobs in the bird’s eye view, that was me just being lazy. 😀. I didn’t have enough information to build the existing resort buildings and just placed a ‘pudding’ like placeholder instead .

    Thank you for your observations though. I appreciate your point of view.