Landscape Architecture - vegetation types for different regions

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  • I am mostly loving Enscape so far, it has really helped communicate my designs for clients. The only thing is the vegetation does not look suitable for my region and is being noted by clients.

    It would be great to have more vegetation assets that are Australian natives (or similar looking) Eucalypts, shrubs, grasses, groundcovers, subtropical in particular.

    I try to use custom made 3d trees from Sketchup library - but it makes my computer too slow. Does anyone know any work arounds?


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    Thanks a lot, your Asset wish will be forwarded of course, and welcome to our forum! :)

    As mentioned above, using our proxy functionality should already help you further in the meantime! Since every .skp file is not being displayed in SketchUp itself, only a rectangle / box around it to help you move / scale it, you will also gain a lot of performance compared to having .skp files imported via SketchUp.

  • I have another issue with the assets. I love to use them they work really well, but I have noticed they all seem to be very consistent in color and darkness with the leaves. The light colored trees in the foreground are skp trees (See attached). There are 4 different enscape asset trees in the background but its hard to tell as they are all a very consistent color. Maybe a way to control this? or a bit more variation in the colors of the trees would be ideal. Obviously the fall trees are different but every time I place multiple tree assets they all look the same.

  • Hi - I am also from down-under Australia too - we get a large demand & request from clients seeking ozzie natives/ plant species ie. Pandanas, Eucalypts, Acacia, Melaleuca.

    There is a big gap in the market for content that is suited for this area - would love to see enscape lead the way.

    We work closely with Landscape Architects and can provide further assistance in species selection if required, please feel free to get in-touch.

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    dvsone1440 , more and more trees in different colors and from different areas will be added with time. I'll forward your feedback as well. :)

    Cameron , your feedback will be forwarded as well, thank you very much! There'll generally be quiet a few more "special" trees coming soon, so stay tuned for that.