Shadow Distance Variable Improvement

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  • We currently are attempting to use Enscape to render out assets that are orthographic at a 60 degree angle to use for a map. We currently render a view at 5 deg FOV to get as close to ortho as possible. The issue with this is that the view needs to be quite far away(camera distance) to view the whole model. With a large model this causes issues with the shadows as enscape is designed to render different LOD's for shadows depending on the distance from the camera. If there was an editable setting that allowed the user to overwrite this effect, or a mode that allowed rendering without perspective, this would solve our biggest hurdle to implementing Enscape into our standard workflow.

    The the shadow issues Vary based on the model, but typically the issue is banding in the shadows. The shadows are often too dark in places where the ambient light is greatly occluded. We do use primarily a skybox image for the lighting as we don't want a harsh shadow line.(Sun can not be used for our style)

  • Currently, "workarounding" ortho by using a small FOV is not reliable and the disadvantages of this method can not be fixed by you. We will add a correct ortho rendering mode in the future which will solve this issue.