Ability to read Type Mark of elements in the project

  • Hi,

    I really love how Enscape helps us to verify various aspects of Revit models in an efficient way. It would be even better if there was a way to read the Type Mark of the elements as you point them with mouse or VR controller so you have sort of flying tag attached to it. That would be cool and informative verification tool aimed for designers. It would work best if you could choose what that 'flying Tag' contains, ex. Type Mark, Description, Comments or Mark.

    Then you aim at the wall and you see what type it is (right now you guess by the texture only). You aim at pieces of furniture and you know if thats the correct ones and read description. That could in a way put more focus on Enscape as a design tool, not just visualisation.

  • Thanks a lot MKruk , that has already been requested before, so I'll gladly add your feedback and further upvote to the corresponding feature request topic on our agenda. :) Also, welcome to our forum and let me know in case you have any further inquiries.