Archicad add-on texture channel request

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  • I have been using Archicad for over 10 years & while it is great for architectural modeling it is not a render package, as much as they try and talk up the cinerender system within Archicad it is slow and is being replaced with live render systems. So packages like Enscape are a perfect companion. At present we feed our models through sketchup but this does limit the texture channels available. I assume rhino can take the extra channels but I'm not in the market for a $500 rendering software when I use the Enscape output anyway.

    When you do supply an add-on for Archicad can you please ensure that your system pulls through the extra channels (displacement/normal etc) that we can setup in the cinerender area of the surface settings (see attached image). I am assuming these textures/settings are accessible for you to pull though to Enscape? If not I suppose you would need to build your own material settings options as a part of an add-on.

    I am a big believer that Enscape sticks to being a straight live renderer and I do all the setup work in archicad with both objects & textures. When it comes to proxies there is definitely some merit in that but base it on an 'Enscape archicad library' that you can sell seperately. Plants/lights & maybe people but I find unless they are epic models they can easily ruin an image/environment.

    Happy to be a beta tester for any add-on developments on the Archicad side. I really can't wait to have a live VR feed from Archicad. It's going to be awesome!


  • Hi Gavin Pendergrast thank you for your feedback. We will get back to you!

  • Hi Jonathan, How are you guys tracking with an Archicad Plugin?

    I have been routing my work through sketchup for renders which is o.k. but when it comes to VR presentations with clients being above to make changes to the 3D model on the fly is something that will really help. Clients think the experience is amazing but thats just because they don't know the possibilities.

    If you guys have an alpha/beta version I would love to get my hands on it. Pleeeaaaassseeee.

    Can you please ensure transparency channels are possible out of archicad as plants are so much more realistic when using transparency. Through sketchup I have to use fully modeled plants which are less than ideal.

  • I'm with Gavin on this also.

    We build custom gdl-objects, and Archicad add-ons for our clients, and having a connection to Enscape from Archicad would be a total game changer.

    For materials, hopefully you can use parameters from Cinerender and not the Internal.