VR graphics falling apart

  • Background: Our firm has been using VR (HTC VivePro) for over a year now. We had projects that were acting fine in VR minus some flickering on metal surfaces. We bought the wireless adapter, of course, and could never get it to work right or look good enough for presentations.

    Now: The headset has sat dormant for a while now, connected wirelessly. After updating drivers and anything else, the wireless setup seemed to be a little better, but not on par. So, we've reconnected with the wired setup. I don't know if my settings are way off or what, but I can't get the VR to produce something that is presentation worthy. I typically use standalone .exe's now, mainly because in VR mode through Revit, everything crashes. I have tried exporting at different resolutions along with a myriad of other things trying to get it right. When I activate the VR, the image quality just falls apart. I have included screenshots of the standalone alongside Steam VR settings and Task Manager to show what happens when the VR is initiated. Everything goes red in the graph in SteamVR settings and you can see the GPU get hammered (which I would expect) in the task manager. The model shown is a simple model. I have tested other models and even the Revit sample model, no difference. I tested the VR with games and other apps just to see, and everything has worked just fine. I just don't know if it's the Revit materials, Enscape settings, SteamVR settings or something else. I feel like if everyone was having this amount of trouble, nobody would be using it. Enscape is my go-to and I am always impressed with the development of the program, but I am at wits end with the VR side of it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

    Windows 10

    I7-6700 k

    32g RAM

    Nvidia 1080

    Revit 2019

    Enscape 2.5

  • VIZguy , thank you very much for your first post and welcome to our forum! I'm sorry to hear about these problems.

    Generally, performance problems and other issues with the HTC VivePro + wireless adapter are nothing new at the moment - we're still waiting for HTC's response regarding this subject, as it seems to be not related to Enscape directly. More on that soon though.

    Moving on, if you use the HTC Vive wired with your machine, could you also please make sure that the resolution in the VR settings themselves is set to 100%:

    If you've already done that, it would be very helpful if you could kindly submit a dedicated feedback report from your machine as described here. This way we'll receive log files which could lead us the cause behind this, please don't forget to add your forum name or some other reference (like the title of this thread) in the submission form so that we know it's from you! Thank you!

  • VIZguy , I received the feedback report - thank you very much. Looking at your machine information as well as the log files at hand, I cannot see any problems yet, so may I kindly ask if you've tried to lower the VR resolution of the Vive Pro already? :) That would be good to know; thanks!

  • Hi Both,

    I am experiencing the same problem, although we had the same problem on the wired setup as well. We have recently purchased the wireless adapter and the problem is the same so i don't think that makes too much difference.

    I have tested it on games such as Spider Man VR and other VR programs such as Google Earth and they all run as smooth as can be. I also checked the Custom Resolution issue and, while it was upscaling, reducing to 100% made no noticeable difference in Enscape.

    Have you had any response from HTC?

  • Yeah, the images shown are from a wired setup and I had already set the resolution as recommended as well. I was able to mostly correct the problem with some settings. I remembered reading somewhere about self-illuminating material settings being too high, so I adjusted the brightness of that material way down. I wasn't able to quite get the desired effect for VR but that definitely helped. Also, I had some serious light leak coming through even though I had a tight model. I scoured the model looking for anything out of place. So, because of the terrible light leak I was experiencing, I had turned down the 'Sun Brightness' setting to '0". This remedied the light leak, and if I was doing producing interior still images for this project, it would have worked great. All in all, I was able to get the project to a point to do a VR presentation with the clients, although I had to deal with some annoying light leak.

    I'm still trying to optimize everything, as I believe I can still get some better quality out of it on my end. Any suggestions on light leak would be welcomed.

    I was also wondering about any wireless adapter improvement updates from HTC working with Enscape.

    Thanks for replying, sorry my response took so long.

  • Masterdoddy , I'm afraid, there are no news regarding this subject. You probably don't experience any issues running it wired?

    VIZguy , regarding the Light Leak issues, please also check out my FAQ article here. An excerpt which should be of interest:

    "This behavior can be resolved/improved by increasing the thickness of the corresponding geometry or by creating a second non-transparent wall behind, and in some cases, if you have a rather large ground plane in your project, reducing its size is known to help as well."