Revit Geometries Don't Appear in Enscape

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  • Hello,

    I'm currently working in Revit 2017, and all modeling was done in Revit 2017 as well. I'm using the latest Enscape version, and the most up-to-date graphical card and Oculus drivers.

    I'm running Enscape from the Architectural model, "167388A_LMH_Central" and I am linking it to the structural model "167388SF_LMH_Central".

    All the other models and their elements are being viewed without an issue.

    Although they are visible in every 3D view inside Revit, the "roof framing" workset and the steel members are invisible in Enscape VR. Other members such as columns are visible.

    I have worked with another model from another project, prepared outside my office, in which I was able to generate the structural members in Enscape. I also encountered the same problem in another model, also produced in my office.

    Could you help me identify the problem? I have already sent Feedback with logs included.


  • Hi,

    An update: I have worked on another model whose structure is completely concrete reinforcement. There aren't any issues with viewing reinforced members on Enscape.

    The missing members above are all steel structures, grouped under "Structural Connections" in the Visibility / Graphics.

    • Official Post

    Hey ghafari_ist , I'm sorry to hear about these issues. In the first instance, kindly make sure that your using our latest release. If that doesn't help:

    Which e-mail have you used to send us some feedback? If you don't want to share the e-mail openly, you can also simply send it via PM. Additionally, it would be very helpful if we could actually receive the project if that is possible. You can upload the project to for example, and, again, send me the download link via PM as well. Thank you very much in advance! :)

    Finally, it would also be helpful if you can send some screenshots of what is not being displayed in Enscape itself, but in Revit.