Export Enscape Materials

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    I'm afraid, this is not yet possible Vincent , there is currently no direct way to bring over the materials defined in the Rhino Enscape Material Editor to that of SketchUp. Still, I'll gladly file this as a feature request! :)

  • Is it possible to export my Rhino Enscape Materials and bring them into my project that is in SketchUp?

    My office is trying to make a material library that we can use with both 3D modeling software

    How about just the ability to export and import the Rhino and Revit Enscape materials so we can point all machines to a single material directory? We are also working on a firm wide materials library and are creating separate Revit and Rhino material libraries that point to the same texture files for consistency, but have no way to import those materials automatically without recreating from scratch. We have tried to point rhino to the correct location for materials using the xml settings file, but the material textures wont load... is there a way to tell Enscape to load textures from a specific directory?

    Also, is it possible to have the material preview in the Rhino materials panel update accordingly? Currently they all just show as chrome. (see attachment)